Embracing the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine Elements for Personal Fulfillment

Many women become interested in concepts such as the divine feminine, goddess consciousness and the empowered woman. They might be intrigued by the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute, which they can learn more about from Giordana Toccaceli at Instagram. Embracing one’s femininity to a fuller extent can lead to dramatic positive changes that are truly life enhancing.

The Divine Feminine Energy

A woman who has cultivated the divine feminine in her own being can now be more authentic and personally integrated. She also becomes more magnetic to men, who find this kind of femininity to be irresistible. They realize they will be able to discover more of their own positive attributes by being connected with this woman, even if the relationship turns out to be a friendship rather than a romantic one.

The Sacred Masculine Energy

It may seem paradoxical, but cultivating the divine feminine also means connecting with one’s masculine energy. In many instances, young girls are encouraged to avoid their masculine traits because of misconceptions about gender roles and attraction. Wounded masculine energy also can be an acquired trait in women. An example would be developing a protective stance against vulnerability. The woman always seems guarded and difficult to know. Although this can create an air of mystery, there is no possibility of real authenticity in a relationship under these circumstances.

Avoiding Denial

By denying either the divine feminine or the sacred masculine elements of each human, a certain amount of purpose and empowerment also is denied. Adults may find they are struggling with creativity when it used to come naturally to them as children. They may remember having a sense of purpose during their adolescent years that has since been lost. Writing this off as frivolous because they need to earn a living and they have other obligations is another point of inauthentic being.

Fundamental Differences

In today’s world, the boundaries between these types of energy have become somewhat blurred, which seems to be a natural part of human progression. Nevertheless, people still intuitively understand fundamental differences between the sacred masculine and the divine feminine energy. Embodying these elements helps each person become more fully human.