A Full-Body Workout With One Piece of Exercise Equipment

The arrival of flashier exercise equipment left rowing machines ignored for many years. People suddenly wanted the gear they saw on infomercials and not the basic workout machine they had used for so long. Thankfully, companies continued to manufacture and improve the machines and people have begun to remember how effective their workouts used to be when they rowed.

Work the Body

The act of rowing works out all muscle groups. It is equally effective for the legs and core as it is for the arms and shoulders. The complete body workout makes it possible for people to complete a full session faster and burn more calories than they would on a bike or treadmill during the same amount of time.

Get Some Cardio

People do not only tone and strengthen their bodies as they row, but they also get a complete cardio workout. Again, this saves people time because they complete their cardio and strength training at the same time. It can also save people space in their home because it replaces a lot of other exercise equipment.

Start out Slowly

People that have not worked out for a long time, who are obese, or who have experienced an injury can also use this type of machine. Each machine offers several resistance levels. Someone new to working out can start with light resistance and increase it as their strength grows. It gives people an excellent gauge of how their efforts are paying off.

Save Some Money

The machines are easy to hide under beds, tuck into a corner or put in a closet. People that do not want to continue paying a gym membership now have an adequate alternative. Working out at home saves money on transportation costs, babysitters and workout clothes too.

People may even discover they work out more often and for longer than when going to a gym because they save travel time and do not have the distraction of other patrons. Rowing is an activity that tones, strengthens and helps people to lose weight. It is often the only piece of equipment people need to have to get the body they desire.