Tips To Improve Your Swimming

Tip #1 Set Powerful Goals

Your goal, a vision of where you want to be is your greatest asset. Setting powerful goals is not enough, you have to know the fundamentals of setting an awesome goal and more importantly, learn how to create a complete and realistic plan for achieving it. Make sure your goals are specific, realistic, measurable, plain, actionable and continuous.

Specific: your goal should be as specific as possible. There should be a particular aspect of your training you intend to work on. Narrow your goals to two or three to help you stay focused and simplify your training and regenerative efforts.

Realistic: set realistic yet challenging goals, this will make you work really hard to achieve them. Avoid setting easy goals which can make you develop a fear of setting future goals with a high risk of non-achievement. However challenging your goals may be, set them based on your level of athletic and competitive abilities.

Measurable: be objective and make sure your goal is performance oriented. For you to keep track of your performance, set time, date, precise amount of change you intend to

Speed Factor In Golf

Wish #1 – Practice with Drills, Not with Swing Thoughts

When a Golf Teacher explains a swing thought with words alone, interpretation of those thoughts seldom results in the action the teacher or student want. Drills allow an individual to FEEL the correct movements in their own way, especially when they’re performed with regularity. Drills focus on small parts of the game, embedding correct movements to memory. Until this happens, a player will be thinking too much about the words of the teacher, called swing thoughts. Once correct movements are committed to memory, we can FEEL it, when done correctly. Drills communicate FEEL without verbal explanation and offer a vivid picture of what we’re trying to carry out, we know what it FEELS like and can more readily apply it on the Golf Course.

Wish #2 – Start Forming an In-Home Golf Training Habit

There are drills that focus your attention on the mechanics of the swing, while others focus on feel or hitting the golf ball a specific distance. Both are vital to growing your golf game, but you don’t want to blend the two.

Step By Step Playing Archery

If running through the woods with a bow in your hands and a quiver of arrows on your back sounds like fun, archery may be the sport for you. As invigorating and challenging as this hobby can be, it also involves some risks. Follow these rules and safety guidelines to prevent injuries.

Basic Checklist

Before using a bow, the archer must review a basic checklist to ensure that equipment is ready and safe to shoot.

1. Inspect all equipment to ensure it is in working order prior to shooting. Look for signs of fraying on the string or abnormalities in the wooden sections. Check fletches on the arrows to ensure they are tightly attached. Then check the screw-in points and tighten if necessary. Replace plastic nocks if you find cracks. Never use equipment that shows signs of wear.

2. Remove any loose clothing or jewelry, such as a watch or bracelet that might interfere with the bow.

3. Visually inspect the range to ensure it is clear of people and animals.

Shooting Guidelines

Follow all posted rules and regulations of the venue.

1. Never point a bow at another person, even when

All About Running Gear

Running is a type of aerobic activity that most people can get involved with without needing expensive equipment or a gym membership. But, there are several pieces of running gear that can make the experience more enjoyable and productive. Here are five of the top pieces of gear to get you up and ready to run:


Headphones are a popular accessory for runners and make it possible to continue to listen to favorite tunes while on-the-move. For extra safety and comfort, there are special wireless headphones that make it possible to hear environmental noises or hazards, such as traffic, while out on a morning run. But, for those that plan to exercise on a treadmill or trail run, there is the option to go with the sealed headphones that block out distractions.

Fitness tracker

For those runners that like wearable tech, the fitness tracker or heart rate monitor is a great solution to monitor the running and training. Most come with an easy to read display that can include features like calories burned, pace, distance, elevation and heart rate. In order for features like pace and elevation to give accurate readings, it is necessary for the device to include GPS technology. Other features

The Importance Running Shoes During Running

A high-quality pair of running shoes is designed for the active person and gives the desired protection to guide and cushion the movement of the foot and ankle. A poorly chosen pair can result in painful ankles, sore feet or hurting hips after a run. Here are five benefits of wearing the right type of running shoes:

Increase running efficiency

Scientific research has shown that a person running with a proper pair of running shoes uses a lot less effort and energy compared to those that run barefoot. A major reason for this is the extra cushioning in the shoes. For the barefoot runner, it is necessary to expend more energy and use the leg muscles more because of the missing cushioning.


A well made pair of shoes includes extra protection to avoid issues of discomfort or pain while the feet are under more stress. A midsole section helps to give protection against hard surfaces or objects that are run over. The softer the midsole the greater protection and cushioning it can provide. But, the soft midsole is not the most durable and means it is necessary to replace the running shoes more often.

Controls overpronation

Overpronation relates to rolling the foot too far inwards

Tips To Buy Running Shoes

Running is a very effective cardio activity, but it is essential to wear the proper footwear to enjoy the healthy running routine. It is a great physical activity to burn calories, strengthen the joints, and benefit the heart. Let’s take a look at a few of the common mistakes to avoid when buying running shoes:

Don’t simply buy for looks

Many first time runners get too concerned with fashion and forget about the most important issues like proper support, fit and comfort. Don’t let the color or the style of the footwear influence the decision-making process. If the running shoes don’t give the desired support, they will soon leave the feet feeling irritated and sore.

Shoes are too tight

Wearing a pair of running shoes that are too tight can soon lead to black toenails, blisters, or similar issues. Many runners prefer to wear close-fitting shoes for their normal everyday activities, but this same rule shouldn’t apply when engaged in physical activity. The preferred option is to have a little extra space in the forefoot to avoid squashing the feet. Try to leave a space of about half an inch in this area for the most comfortable fit.

Don’t wear shoes for too long

On average,

Tips To Keep Running During Summer

In spite of the summer heat, a lot of runners still want to continue their healthy routine. Although the heat can seriously affect running performance, there are several ways you can counteract the effects. Here are seven hacks for running during summer time.

  • Run at the coolest time. One of the hacks you can do to avoid the summer heat is run during the coolest point of the day. Good thing, free software and some apps can show the temperature highs and lows for the day or even for the week so you can schedule your run accordingly. Usually, sunrise and sunset are the coolest times. Midday is the hottest. But since weather changes can be abrupt, it’s best you check an app.
  • Look for a shady alternate route. Every runner has that favorite route. But when it comes to extreme weather conditions, you may need an alternative route to keep you safer from the elements. During summer, choose less open routes. Settle for more shades, like areas with more buildings and trees. Nowadays, there are apps which can calculate the distance of the route using GPS. They also show visuals. Use the app to get the distance. That way, you still

Safety Tips For Swiming

We have all heard that a responsible adult should be no more than an arm’s length away from small children when in a pool. Makes sense, right? The adult can grab them should they go under and are with them to monitor their every move. This is a great thing to practice, but there are of course many other things that will help keep kids safe around your pool.

We start with a cover. If you have a cover it should go over the whole pool and have no access to the water once it is deployed. Watch for pooling water on top of the cover though, and get rid of it fast, as this is a drowning hazard all its own. Removable, movable solar covers are not considered covers for a pool and can have disastrous circumstances should a small child fall on top of one that is on the pool.

Pool toys are colourful and fun, but once everyone is out of the pool, all pool toys should come out as well. This stops kids from looking for a toy and finding it in the pool, trying to reach it and possibly falling in. If the toys are on the

How To Gain Power On Swimming

“I love swimming,” a statement made mostly by many. It is a sport that is highly beneficial for the overall development of the body. It is enjoyed by almost everybody as it is entertaining and keeps fitness in control. It is the best way to burn out those extra kilos and yet feel refreshed. One of the sports enjoyed by people of all ages. It is one of the best ways to keep oneself fit as it includes the whole body movement. It is also gaining momentum as it has been added to the Olympic Games. It is a very relaxing activity and keeps the body in shape.

Strokes in Swimming

• The breaststroke which is quite a difficult one as the body needs to move up and down while gliding against water.

• Backstroke is easier than the breaststroke, both the arms are supposed to exert equal pressure.

• Freestyle stroke involves flipping through the water.

Benefits of Swimming

• It helps to keep the heart rate under control

• It is known to reduce stress levels.

• Helps to build the stamina and muscles

• Keeps weight gain in control

• Prevents heart diseases and regulates blood pressure

• The most relaxing form of exercise in order to be

Became Slow Swimmer

In the twilight of my years I often remember a simpler time when life moved slower with peace and grace. Many a day I often strolled along the shore path of the lake I called home for so many summers when I was young. There in the peace of the morning when the sun first began to shine it’s warmth upon to cool still waters I often notice this lone slow swimmer. From a short distance from the path I was on this gentle figure whose slender grace poised a most breathtaking sight. The beauty of her figure matched the ease of her tempo for her rhythm was like gentle waltz. Her gentle sway as she swam was like the rolling waves that rolled on in. Her locomotion moved me to a completely different reality.

This beautiful slow swimmer whose beauty and grace for many a morning we caught each others eye as she gently swam on. Soon we became familiar sights, me on the path, she swimming on by, for now she even stopped and waved, tempting me to join on in. As I stood speechless as she swam by I could tell she wanted me to join her, and

How To Keep Remember Golf Rules

Golf is such a sport which is very mentally demanding. A lot of mental preparation is required to successfully play this game as one is on his own once on the course and there will be nobody to give assistance. A positive mind with belief in oneself devoid of any kind of absurd thoughts is essential while playing this sport. Sports psychologists state that mental health or fitness is very much needed to grab winning scores in this game. Here some of the best tips to keep you mentally strong on the ground are discussed, applying which can bring effective results.

• Stay Strong- The strength or toughness of the mind is what helps the top players to perform impressively well. You must be mentally strong even in the toughest situations and under immense pressure and to be comfortable in those situations.

• Live in the Moment- It is a common practice among many to think a long way when they are only starting off. They start to decide on different strategies which can only be implemented if the desired results come out immediately. If you don’t concentrate on the task of the moment you will never be able to achieve your

Benefit Playing Golf

There are some sports out there that most people can play at any age. This sport is also one of most growing global sports in the world. The game of golf is one of the sports that anyone can play for anyone. Most people think that golf is a stuffy sport for old overweight guys. Golf has been become a game that is accessible for anyone. There are 34,000 courses around the world, and 15,375 of those inside the US. Golf is also one of the games that helps with exercise and a great way of a cardio of workouts.

The game started in the 16th century in Scotland at St. Andrews golf links; a course that still operates today. It was once banned in Scotland because they needed the fields for military practice, but the ban was lifted shortly after. The game has grown since then when Kings and Queens of Great Britain took an interest in the game. Golf first entered America in 1729 when the governor of Massachusetts started playing the game on his private estate.

One thing that the golf has to offer is a game that is safe for all ages and is safer. With the recent

Playing Mini Golf

Indoor Mini Golf

Indoor mini golf or Putt putt, the name the game is famously known by is a small sibling of the world-renowned game, golf. Miniature golf uses a smaller version of a golf club known as a putter hence the name putt putt.

Invented between the late 19th century and the early 20th-century miniature golf ball has grown greatly with the crop up of mini golf courses; training courses and actual playing fields, mini golf tournaments and professional players who have taken the sport as a career. Most recently mini golf has evolved from being played on outside courses and has become an indoor sport graced with glow in the dark lights thus bringing color to the game especially when played at night.

Away from the history and growth of the sport, let us play some miniature golf. Just like in the Jack Nicklaus game, miniature golf’s main aim is to get the golf ball inside a hole with the least strokes possible. You need to select a putter that’s approximately the height from your feet to your waist. At this length, you are halfway to becoming a master of putt-putt.

How to Hold a Putter

Similar to normal golf the second key

How To Keep Your Bow

Irrespective of whether they are used for hunting or archery, proper maintenance of bows and arrows is crucial. In addition to ensuring that they shoot correctly, this maintenance will prolong the equipments’ lifespan. Most beginner archers and hunters do not know how take care of their equipment properly. This is something serious that can affect their performance in their respective fields. Below are some tips on how to maintain bows and arrows.

Whether someone has just began shooting or has been doing it for decades, he or she will want to take excellent care of his or her equipment. This involves making a habit of checking one’s arrows and bows before commencing shooting. Notably, one should check the limbs for cracks and nicks, and also that the bow has been strung correctly. The bow’s metal parts should be checked for corrosion or rust for those who shoot in rainy or humid places.

Some makers of bows advice that a light synthetic wax should be applied to a bowstring after every few months. In addition, the shooter should check the string for signs of broken or loose strands of fraying. For those who use compound bows, they should carry out routine checks on

Tips To Make Crossbow

Have you considered making a homemade crossbow? If you want one that will really hunt, it is probably best to leave it to the professionals, unless, that is of course, you are extremely handy, have access to a well equipped machine shop, and a good supplier of the necessary quality materials.

If you hope to build something you can knock down a few targets with in the back yard, or get that opossum to play dead for real, you might be able to put something together. Here are some simple tips.

The key ingredients you will need for a homemade crossbow are going to be a quality stock, jig cut from quality wood. Fashion it to your liking, with or without a grip. Stain it with a good stain and sealer combination product, and allow it to dry for 48 hours.

Next, design a simple trigger mechanism out of steel stock, though at a pinch, a 16 lb nail might serve you admirably. Drill out the stock, bottom to top and run the trigger up through the stock. If possible, use your ingenuity to determine how to lock the trigger once the string has been drawn.

Now, find a durable piece of flexible aluminum.

How To Get Your Target On Archery

However, because there are no scientific studies of this debilitating condition, most of what we think we know is based upon personal experience and supposition. But, as a bow hunter, it is important that you understand that such a condition does exist and that, even if you don’t presently experience any of the symptoms, there are steps that can be taken to alleviate your syndrome if it does suddenly develop.

So, what is target panic and how do you get past it? Well, there again, because there are no definitive scientific studies on the subject, there is no clear definition of exactly what target panic is nor what causes it but, some of the generally recognized symptoms are: the inability to place the sight pin in the center of the target, freezing above or below the target (usually below), the inability to release the arrow at the target, jerking the trigger instead of squeezing it or achieving a surprise release and, last but not least, “drive by shooting” in which the archer jerks the trigger on his release aid as the sight pin drifts past the intended target.

However, even though we do not know the definitive cause of target panic, the

Understanding Badminton Game

Are you looking for a badminton set that best suits your badminton perspective? Truly, there are a lot of badminton sets for sale at present. Each set varies on the price, equipment types and of course, the quality. The quality of each product also diverges on the perspective players.

What are the things you have to consider prior to purchasing a badminton set? You need to secure an honest response to this question before taking the plunge of buying any existing merchandise.

For expediency, most buyers preferred to purchase those sets that have considerable trademark in terms of eminence. Some would not just opt for a mere quality but rather those that are of the highest value, possible. In the end, they would be the one to benefit from it.

Setting such kind of standard in buying a badminton set is very essential, especially at present. The more the product becomes obtainable in the market place, the lesser the efficiency and value they offered.

So if you are one of these realistic buyers, then here is a certain brand that is best for you and is recommended by many – the Heritage Badminton Set. This kind of badminton set is best used for tournaments,

Why Playing Badminton Is Fun

Badminton is a very popular racket sport being played around the world. To play the game all you need is a badminton set, which will include a couple of rackets, a net and some shuttlecocks. (Shuttlecocks are traditionally made with goose feathers stuck unto a small rounded cork. It is shaped like a funnel. When struck by a racket it literally takes flight and floats in the air, moving in a straight path until it is brought down by gravity. Note: Modern technology have given rise to the nylon-shuttlecock, which is normally used in recreation but has not been sanctioned by the world governing body for official use.)

The proper game would require you to play in a court with specific dimensions and a net. You can either play singles or doubles. However, for fun and recreation it can be played almost anywhere and even without a net. The objective of the game is to hit the shuttlecock over the net, within the boundaries of the court, back and forth. A point is won or loss when the shuttlecock hits the floor (in and out of court) or when it is caught by the net or when the umpire deems a

Tips For Playing Badminton

Badminton is one of the most popular sport ever created by humans, it is usually played by two to four players hitting the feathered ball with a racket in opposite direction. I really love this game because it doesn’t require a lot, just buy a racket, shuttle cock and invite friends to play badminton even to the streets.

History of Badminton

It is said that this game was invented in the ancient Greece, derived from the child’s game battledore and shuttlecock, where two persons will hit a feathered shuttlecock using a long thin racket. The Indians call this game “Poonai” in the 18th century, the British officers who stationed in India are the ones who bring the game in England, introduced it to their friends, introduce some rules and developed some equipments.

This game was officially launched in 1873 at the Badminton House, Gloucestershire. During that time, the game was referred to as “The Game of Badminton,” and the game’s official name became Badminton. 1992 is the year that Badminton became an Olympic Sport.

Benefits of Playing Badminton

Don’t you know that a complete game of badminton can make you loose from 350 to more a thousand calories? Yeah that’s true, now you know why

Water Sports That You Must Dare To Try

Water sports are more than fun and are enjoyed by people all over the world. For the first time, water sports became a part of the Olympics Tournament in 1869. Watersports are not just fun but are quite beneficial for the health as well. These water sports include swimming, paddle boarding, snorkelling, kayaking, diving, surfboarding, water polo, windsurfing, and paddleboard yoga.

According to many researchers, water sports help to improve the mood too. They can instantly make you feel better and can help you get rid of physical, as well as emotional stress. They can build your strength and enthusiasm in your life, making you a more active part of society. Here we have six amazing water activities that are a must to try.


Out of the so many water sports, one of the most budding water adventures is wakeboarding. It is quite similar to water skiing where the rider rides on a single board, towed behind a boat so one can glide through the water. It is easier to perform when compared to other water sports, which require more focus on balance. It is one of the newest water sports, which is slowly being noticed by adventurers who visit different parts